Whistleblower and Contact Information

Here is my contact information. Please feel free to use it.


Eddie Curran
133 Silverwood
Mobile, AL 36607
Cell Phone: 251-454-1911
E-mail: eddcurran@aol.com

If you have a tip but don’t wish to be identified, dial *67 before calling me. That disables caller I.D.


How Whistleblowers and others with information can help

The goal: To prove that executives and government relations officials at Alabama Power have participated in and approved of the plan to destroy the credibility of and ensure the electoral defeat of Alabama Public Service Commissioner Terry Dunn by falsely branding him as a liberal and an environmentalist.

While I think the information on this site provides a great start, there is much more to be discovered. 

The devil, as they say, is in the details. I want those details. Some of you have those details. Perhaps it’s records or documents or e-mails. Maybe it’s first hand accounts or even second hand accounts that are rock-solid. It could be a court record that you can direct me to. If so, I’ll retrieve it myself.

If you want to provide your name, that’s great, but it’s not necessary. Nothing beats on the record statements, but there can be very good reasons why someone can’t afford to go out on that limb, especially in this matter. On the record of off, it doesn’t matter. I just need it to be true and something that I can verify.

I intend to publish new findings on this site as they develop.

The type of information I am seeking includes but is not limited to: 


1. Records showing pass through type payments, such as to a law firm or person or firm but intended for a designated end source and related to political operations such as the smear operation against Dunn. Groups I’m interested in include but are not limited to the following:  JobKeeper Alliance; PACE; Matrix LLC; 60-Plus; Generation America;  the Peoples Alliance for Leadership; the lobbying/political consulting firm Swatek Azbell Howe & Ross; and Yellowhammer News. Records showing direct payments to those groups and firms would naturally be of great interest. .


2. Documents, records or accounts related to efforts to harm Terry Dunn’s political career, including but not limited to the effort to portray him as an “environmentalist.” Those may include records related to the above-named groups and firms.


3. Records, documents or accounts connecting Yellowhammer News with: Speaker Mike Hubbard; the lobbying firm Swatek Azbell Howe & Ross; Alabama Power; PSC President Twinkle Cavanaugh. Subject matter for such records include the efforts against Dunn; and the plan to hold the essentially useless “dog and pony” show public meetings, including the Alabama Power-friendly ruling that was the outcome of those meetings.


3. Records showing sums paid by Alabama Power, Southern Company Services and affiliated companies and providers of political and public relations and the recipients of those payments, lobbyists and lobbying firms. Same for legal costs associated with government relations and lobbying. (I have no concern for legal or other costs related to the company’s non-political operations.) 


4Documents, records or accounts related to efforts to use secretive and dishonorable means to tarnish the reputations of other people or officials by Alabama Power and its affiliates.


5. Documents, records or accounts showing who was involved or otherwise participated in the sort of activities described on this web-site.


6. Assistance from people who work for or are associated with the companies, organizations or individuals mentioned on this web-site. That could include descriptions of events or meetings. Examples of records I’m seeking include: payment records; letters; e-mails; contracts or agreements; and relevant court records or government filings.


I could go on but that’s a start.

If anyone reading this has the sort of information I’m seeking and wishes to meet, say the word and I’ll drive up from Mobile to meet you.