Source Material: Media reports and other published information

Only J.D. Crowe could come up with, Puppet Service Commission. The Al.Com cartoonist brilliantly skewers Twinkle Cavanaugh and Jeremy Oden.

Below are links to some of the many news stories, editorials and source material regarding the PSC’s recent review of Alabama Power’s rates.

The first group contains news stories in Alabama newspapers as well as editorials and opinion-pieces that take a “pro-Dunn” position.

The second group contains op-eds and other pieces that are critical of Dunn and supportive of Alabama Power. I suppose one could say that the general position taken by those in the second group is that Alabama Power’s Rate of Return on Equity is reasonable.

Newspaper Stories and Pro-Dunn Pieces

1. “A month later, plenty of disagreement about PSC’s Alabama Power decision (Mike Cason, AL.Com)

2. “Why I voted ‘No’” (Terry Dunn)

3. Cavanaugh, Jeremy Oden do Alabamians a disservice” (Montgomery Advertiser editorial)

4. “Division on PSC: Two of three commissioners say new Alabama Power plan will lower rates” (Associated Press)

John Archibald. The Birmingham News/Al.Com columnist has been a thorn in the side of Alabama Power and Twinkle Cavanaugh. Archibald combines humor and strong opinion with something rarely seen in columnists: Original reporting and research.

5. “PSC chief Twinkle Cavanaugh wants to block formal rate review to ‘exclude the environmentalists’” (John Archibald, Birminghan News/Al.Com)

6. “How much money does Alabama Power spend to get its way? More than most” (John Archibald, Birmingham News/Al.Com)

7. The Weaponazation of the Environmentalist, (John Archibald, Birmingham News/Al.Com)

8. “Company accepts PSC recommendation” (Alabama Power news release)

9. “It’s not about coal; it’s about the high-cost of electricity” (Opinion from Kimble Forrister)

10. “The clever politics of misdirection” (Decatur Daily, editorial)

11. “After 30 years, pushback for Southern Co. in Alabama.” (Associated Press)

12. “Hidden power: Groups seek release of Alabama Power’s 20-year plan.” (Tim Lockette, Anniston Star)

13. New Alabama Power CEO talks economic development, regulations affecting utility (Montgomery Advertiser)

14. PSC Commissioner claims smear campaign targets him, (Melissa McKinney, WSFA Montgomery)

15. Alabama Power, PSC have incestuous relationship  (John Floyd, Gadsden Times)

16. PSC commissioners hear complaints from public over Mobile Gas rates (Ben Raines, Mobile Register/AL.Com)

16. Despite cheaper fuel costs, Alabama Power bills higher than Georgia Power (Ben Raines, Mobile Register/Al.Com)

17.  PSC’s Jeremy Oden lauds Alabama Power’s flat rates; rates were higher than averages in neighboring states in 2012 (Mike Cason/Al.Com)

18. Special Report: Industry wraps coal ash regulation in fight in the mantle of civil rights (Sue Sturgis, The Institute for Southern Studies)


Ben Raines’ stories examining the high rate of return allowed Mobile Gas  put the Alabama Public Service Commission in a harsh light, and when that harsh light moved on to Alabama Power, the attacks on Dunn began in earnest.

Pro Alabama Power, Pro Cavanaugh and/or Anti-Dunn Pieces

1.Populistm, Power and the Public Service Commission (Cameron Smith, Alabama Politicy Institute)

2. Game is up on Terry Dunn’s Charade (People for Affordable Clean Energy)

When Alabama Power says jump, Lance Brown asks, “How high?”

3. “Environmental Extremists Push For Formal Hearings To Kill Coal Jobs And Increase Utility Rates” (Press Release, PSC President Twinkle Cavanaugh)

4. Yellowhammer: PSC lowers rates for Alabama Power customers, Dunn votes ‘no’

5. Alabama Arise working with groups whose agenda will hurt low-income citizens (Op-Ed for Al.Com by Stewart Burkhalter of JobKeeper Alliance)


Stewart Burkhalter: Paid board member of JobKeeper Alliance has also served on board of PACE 

6.”Disappointed in Dunn” (Letter to Gadsden Times by Matthew Kandrack of Washington-based 60-Plus Association)

7. “Group says ‘definitive proof’ that environmentalists working to manipulate utilities” (Susan Britt, Alabama Political Reporter)

8. “The ballad of Terry Dunn” (Steve Flowers, Inside the Statehouse column)

9. “Editorial attacks unjustified: PSC’s Cavanaugh, Oden protecting Alabama jobs, ratepayers (Op-Ed for Al.Com by Patrick Cagle of JobKeeper Alliance)

10. Seniors Praise Decision of Alabama Public Service Commission (Opinion, by 60-Plus Association)

11. Environmentalists Paid to Kill Alabama Coal Jobs (Op-Ed for Al.Com by George Barber, the president of the Alabama Coal Association.

12. Matt Murphy interviews David Rountree

Bombastic radio talk show host Matt Murphy, left, often has his pal, Cliff Sims, on his show. Murphy’s bullying treatment of Terry Dunn’s chief of staff David Rountree (link above) is hard to listen to.