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Mail check to:

Eddie Curran
133 Silverwood
Mobile, AL 36607

This project is entirely self-funded and independent. It is journalism, if with a strongly stated point of view: That Alabama Power’s governmental relations arm is ruthless, unethical, and corrupt. By virtue of what executives at the highest level of Alabama Power have done to Terry Dunn, they’ve made a bold statement: Any Alabama politician who dares cross us will pay the price.

If Alabama Power gets away with this, current and future state officials simply will not feel free to oppose the company on any matter, be it legislative or regulatory. My goal is to prevent that from occurring.

I have spent more than $6,500 and long ago stopped counting, even estimating, the hours I’ve put on this project since I began, in September 2013 — almost three years ago. If I were paid at my hourly rate of $50, my time charges would be, well, substantial — tens of thousands of dollars. As of Jan. 16, 2017, I’ve received 29 donations for a total of $3,090.

I do not consider my research to be over. Not by a long shot. For me to adequately continue  — which I anticipate to include travel costs to Montgomery and Birmingham — I must have support. Thank you for your consideration. 

Donations can be made by PayPal or personal check (see below).

In the sad but true department: Every day, when the mail comes, I hope to find a check.  Since November, there have been two, for a grand total of $50, and the last donation by PayPal was in the fall.

Donation Terms & Conditions

Here are the conditions I’ve set in terms of trying to fund this project, or rather, recoup some of my expenses and payment for my time.

1. I don’t solicit donations from specific individuals or companies or groups, etc. My requests for donations are made on this web-site, and in in public forums like Facebook or Twitter and if by e-mail, only in “mass” e-mails sent to numerous recipients.

2. I identify only those donors who specifically authorize me to identify them. Otherwise, I list the donor as “anonymous.” (See donations list below.) I recognize that many people have positive ties to the company — business relationships, involvement in charities that receive funding from Alabama Power, etc. That’s why I only identify donors who specifically state that I can identify them.

3. I do not accept donations from environmental groups. However, individuals who consider themselves to be environmentalists or are in environmental groups are urged to donate. As, for that matter, is everyone who comes to this site and appreciates my efforts. Among my donors to date are Democrats, Republicans, friends, people I’ve never heard of, members of the Tea Party, and someone I understand to be with an environmental group,

4. Donors of $25 and above receive a DVD of “Mr. Dunn Goes To Montgomery.”  I make the DVDs myself. They play computers but not on all DVD players.

5. Suggestions and tips are welcome, but no one, donor or otherwise, tells me what to do.

If you’ve learned something from the site, or watched, “Mr. Dunn Goes to Montgomery” and appreciate my efforts, I encourage you to consider making a donation.


Mail check to:
Eddie Curran
133 Silverwood
Mobile, AL 36607

Donations as of Feb. 20, 2015:

  1. Anonymous, $30, Baldwin County
  2. John Nielsen, $50, Baldwin County
  3. Anonymous, $200, Retired state employee, Montgomery.
  4. Second donation by person above, $200
  5. Anonymous, $30, Tupelo, Miss.
  6. Anonymous, $100, Birmingham
  7. Desi Tobias, Mobile, $100
  8. Anonymous, $100, Birmingham
  9. Anonymous, $50, Montgomery
  10. Anonymous, $50, Birmingham
  11. Billy Ellis, $25, Spanish Fort
  12. Anonymous, $200, rural Madison County
  13. Jimmy Blake, $250, Birmingham.
  14. Anonymous, $75, Birmingham.
  15. Anonymous, $15, Baldwin County
  16. Anonymous, $50, Jackson, Miss.
  17. Anonymous, $250, Tennessee
  18. Anonymous, $500, Birmingham area
  19. Anonymous, $25, Huntsville
  20. Anonymous, $25, Nashville
  21. Anonymous, $100, Auburn
  22. Mobile lawyer, $50
  23. Anonymous, $100, Retired state employee, Montgomery.
  24. Anonymous, $100, Trussville
  25. Anonymous, $50, Mobile
  26. Anonymous, $15
  27. Anonymous, $50, Tuscaloosa
  28. Anonymous, $100
  29. Anonymous, $100