Curran Research and Writing Services

Please consider using  Curran Research and Writing Services  for your research/investigations and writing needs.

I started Curran Research Services LLC in 2011 and recently added Writing to the name to promote that aspect of what I do as well.

Services I provide include:

  • Research and Investigative Services – Performing in-depth research and investigative services on individuals and companies and preparing written reports in connection with civil litigation, proposed business relationships or strategic decision making.
  • Research and investigative work for criminal defense attorneys, including in state funded indigent defense work, such as for capital cases.
  • Background investigations, such as learning more about a person prior to hiring or engaging in a business relationship.
  • Procuring public records, whether through the use of online databases or public records requests.
  •  Public Relations/Media Consulting Services – Based on an intimate knowledge of and insight into the media, providing advice and developing a strategy for people who find themselves under media scrutiny, or who wish to get their message out in the media.
  • Writing services ranging from small — such as business letters or proposals — to long, in-depth work. This could include writing family or business histories, such as following interviews and research, and assistance with self-publishing.

About Me

 I graduated 1984 from Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Va. In 1988 I began a 19-year stint at the Mobile Press-Register. I was a sports reporter from 1988 to 1994, when I transferred to the news department.

 I reported on all manner of stories, and developed a specialty in investigative reporting. This largely involved locating sources and using public records for investigative stories on public corruption, government contracts, businesses such as landfill companies,  and non-profits. I also specialized in covering the courts, primarily civil litigation.

 In 2007, I left the newspaper and began writing, The Governor of Goat Hill, which I published in 2009. I became a private investigator in 2011.

As an investigative reporter, I prided myself in taking a creative, open-minded approach to each situation, and in being thorough. I will do the same for you as a private investigator.

My goal is to try to provide information and insights that you were previously unaware of and had not considered, and to do so in a manner that fits your budget.

I have more than 30 years experience as an interviewer and gatherer of information. This goes hand in hand with my skills as a writer and reporter. 

I also provide writing services large and small, from writing letters and press releases to major projects,  including writing personal, family or business histories and memoirs, and assistance with self-publishing.

I do all the work, which is to say, I don’t farm it out or use assistants.

Whether your are an attorney, an individual or a business, I hope you will consider using my services.

Eddie Curran 

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