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Bentley’s lottery plan backed by Dubious Dark Money Group

The ‘American Senior Alliance’ has same lobbyist, ‘seniors,’ as group that helped Alabama Power fight Dunn’s effort to cut rates in 2013     Author’s Note (Aug. 17, 2016): I don’t have any strong  position on Gov. Robert Bentley’s lottery…

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Making my case: Without this site, no NY Times Kemper story

And if true, something for Southern Co. and Alabama Power to ponder: If not for their multi-million dollar smear campaign against Alabama Public Service Commissioner Terry Dunn, this website wouldn’t exist   Author’s Note (July 7, 2016): This story examines…

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Alabama Power, Matrix and PACE

 ma-trix: a situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops or is contained. Notes: Go Here for new development — a story about a non-profit that has given $279,000 to PACE and JobKeeper Alliance. Also: A good treatment of…