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Cunningham Bounds brings $100M claim vs. Southern Co., Mississippi Power

Company contracted to buy CO2 from Kemper Plant sues, claiming losses for building pipeline and other costs ——————————————————– Portion of lawsuit  by Treetop Midstream Services vs. Mississippi Power and Southern Co. ——————————————————–   Author’s Note: About two weeks ago, someone…


$726,000 to Who? And for What? Who Gave It?

D.C.-based “60-Plus” came out of nowhere in 2013 to insert itself into the Alabama Public Service Commission’s review of Alabama Power’s rates, and played an active role in the smear operation against Terry Dunn. Now we can report what was…


The Terry Dunn Enemies List

List includes many of most powerful people in the Alabama business and politics, and a pair of national heavyweights as well     By Eddie Curran Here, in no particular order, are some of good soldiers who’ve helped make the…