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NY Times Cover Picture of Story

Making my case: Without this site, no NY Times Kemper story

And if true, something for Southern Co. and Alabama Power to ponder: If not for their multi-million dollar smear campaign against Alabama Public Service Commissioner Terry Dunn, this website wouldn’t exist   Author’s Note (July 7, 2016): This story examines…


Spy Games: The story of Agent Pooty Pants

In which yours truly is surreptitiously photographed having lunch with actual environmentalists   By Eddie Curran I’ve no idea who took this photo (above) at Mother’s restaurant in downtown Mobile. The mystery photographer was apparently following either me (my back…


Questions sent to PACE and JobKeeper Alliance

 As noted elsewhere on the site, and in the letter, I was initially retained by a Mississippi group concerned about critical advertising and other media by JobKeeper and the Partnership for Affordable Clean Energy, or, PACE. I subsequently chose not…