Please Consider Donating: Imagine how much cash is being spent on the campaign against Dunn, then consider that I’m fighting these folks on my own dime and my own time


For this to be a true journalism project, I had to tell the people in Mississippi who hired me to look into some Alabama non-profits that I would not bill them.  They sent me a check anyway. I tore it up.

From Eddie Curran

I do it all. The research, the writing, the web-site, the research..did I say research? I long ago stopped counting all the time so say nothing of my own money that I’ve put into this project.

To date — as in, since I started in early September — I’ve received 19 donations for a total of $2,400. I’ve actually come out of pocket for more than $4,000 in expenses. As for my time, I’ve stopped counting. Well over 1,000 hours. Not a dime for it.

Imagine how much has been spent on these shady non-profits, political consultants, lobbyists, and lawyers who’ve participated in the 16-month media/PR assault on Terry Dunn.

Please go to my donation page to see the means to donate. Only those who state that they want to use their names are identified.

This is them:

And this is me: