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About Eddie Curran

My name is Eddie Curran. I live in Mobile, Ala., as I have for most of my life. That included almost 20 years at the Mobile Register. During most of that time I focused on investigative projects, with stories and series on state politics, the courts, and white collar misbehavior.

Yellowhammer vs. Terry Dunn, Part 2: The ‘Bad Guy Logos’

Popular ‘news’ site with connections to Speaker Hubbard fond of photo-shopping Dunn pics to falsely portray him as liberal   This photo from Dunn’s Facebook page shows him riding  with his daughter in the January 2011 Inauguration Parade. The photo…


The Push Poll by ‘CSI Research’

Recipients of calls were asked about Dunn, then whether they would vote for a candidate who would cause their utility rates to go up by $100   By Eddie Curran Starting on or about Oct. 3, 2013, and lasting anywhere…


The Terry Dunn Enemies List

List includes many of most powerful people in the Alabama business and politics, and a pair of national heavyweights as well     By Eddie Curran Here, in no particular order, are some of good soldiers who’ve helped make the…


Spy Games: The story of Agent Pooty Pants

In which yours truly is surreptitiously photographed having lunch with actual environmentalists   By Eddie Curran I’ve no idea who took this photo (above) at Mother’s restaurant in downtown Mobile. The mystery photographer was apparently following either me (my back…


How close is Yellowhammer with Speaker Hubbard and Swatek firm? You be the Judge

Swatek firm, Alabama Power dominate Yellowhammer’s ‘Power and Influence’ list   Mike Hubbard’s book, “Storming the Statehouse,” written by Hubbard and David Azbell, of the lobbying/political consulting firm Swatek Azbell Howe & Ross. Among other things, the book reveals the…


Did APCo Pay 60 Plus to Bash Dunn, Carry Water at PSC?

(Note: This story was published in January 2014.) By Eddie Curran A Washington D.C.-based non-profit that has purchased radio and newspaper ads in Alabama, penned op-eds in state newspapers, and participated in the Public Service Commission’s hearings on Alabama Power…