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My name is Eddie Curran. I live in Mobile, Ala., as I have for most of my life. That included almost 20 years at the Mobile Register. During most of that time I focused on investigative projects, with stories and series on state politics, the courts, and white collar misbehavior.
Wingo in NY Times

Wingo: I told Southern CEO Fanning that Kemper timeline was a fraud

Records show muzzled former Kemper construction supervisor warned Mississippi Power and Southern Co. executives that they were reporting false construction timelines for completion of the multi-billion dollar Kemper plant in their filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and to…

SEC Bloomberg Story

Angles to consider as SEC probes Southern Co and Kemper

Wingo revelations, CO2 issues could be among avenues of inquiry May 6, 2016: On Thursday, Southern Co. issued its 10-Q (quarterly report) covering the first quarter of 2016. The following paragraph was on page 25 of the report: Note: I…


$726,000 to Who? And for What? Who Gave It?

D.C.-based “60-Plus” came out of nowhere in 2013 to insert itself into the Alabama Public Service Commission’s review of Alabama Power’s rates, and played an active role in the smear operation against Terry Dunn. Now we can report what was…