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My name is Eddie Curran. I live in Mobile, Ala., as I have for most of my life. That included almost 20 years at the Mobile Register. During most of that time I focused on investigative projects, with stories and series on state politics, the courts, and white collar misbehavior.
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Please consider using  Curran Research and Writing Services  for your research/investigations and writing needs. I started Curran Research Services LLC in 2011 and recently added Writing to the name to promote that aspect of what I do as well. Services…

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Solve the Mystery the Alabama Media Won’t Touch: Who is X?

  Starting in the summer of 2013, the Arizona media —  first print, then television and smaller publications — began aggressively pursuing stories about millions of dollars in so-called ‘Dark Money’ flowing from secrecy shrouded non-profits and into advertising and public…

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Who is X, Part 2: The Rock Star, and the Coal Jobs Count Con

One Year and Done: After Chip Beeker beat Terry Dunn and the PSC raised Alabama Power’s rates, there was no more need for, ‘Coal Jobs Count’     Author’s Note (July 13, 2016): This post is being published with another…


Bentley’s lottery plan backed by Dubious Dark Money Group

The ‘American Senior Alliance’ has same lobbyist, ‘seniors,’ as group that helped Alabama Power fight Dunn’s effort to cut rates in 2013     Author’s Note (Aug. 17, 2016): I don’t have any strong  position on Gov. Robert Bentley’s lottery…

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Cunningham Bounds brings $100M claim vs. Southern Co., Mississippi Power

Company contracted to buy CO2 from Kemper Plant sues, claiming losses for building pipeline and other costs ——————————————————– Portion of lawsuit  by Treetop Midstream Services vs. Mississippi Power and Southern Co. ——————————————————–   Author’s Note: About two weeks ago, someone…

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Making my case: Without this site, no NY Times Kemper story

And if true, something for Southern Co. and Alabama Power to ponder: If not for their multi-million dollar smear campaign against Alabama Public Service Commissioner Terry Dunn, this website wouldn’t exist   Author’s Note (July 7, 2016): This story examines…